Medi Features

medi compression medi compression –This unique set of innovative technologies that underlie the production medi in medicine, daily life and sport.
clima comfort Clima Comfort –The elaborately worked knit ensures that skin stays comfortable and dry. Moisture is quickly and reliably absorbed on the inside and transported to the outside to evaporate. At the same time, the active breathing structure of the material guarantees the necessary supply of oxygen.
The result: Patients do not break into a sweat when wearing their supports and they find them comfortable to wear – even in summer.
clima fresh  Clima Fresh  The integrated Clima Fresh function has an antibacterial action and prevents the formation of odours. Bacteria are kept away from the knit and the fibre-deep hygiene is maintained.
The result: The risk of infections (e.g. caused by pathogenic micro-organisms) is reduced.
comfort zone Comfort Zone — Soft zones in the sensitive bend of the elbow ensure that the support does not exert too much pressure or cut into the skin, even when worn all day long.
The result: Soothing pain relief that simply makes you feel good.
medi airtex medi airtex — Innovative lightweight breathable material that is actively evaporates moisture and maintains the optimum moisture content of the skin, even in the hot season.
physioglide Hinge physioglide  –Unique polycentric hinge provides optimal biomechanics of the knee joint.
medi airtex medi airtex+ —All medi Softbraces are equipped with the new medi Airtex+ material. It is breathable and moisture wicking for the highest comfort in wear.The compressive medi Airtex+ knit combines medical compression with functional textile effects. It unites compression with the new functional features ADAPTIVE and PURE.The knit with the new materials provides thermoregulation and an antibacterial effect. It moulds itself to the knee and stays dimensionally stable, even during movements. The precise compression has proprioceptive actions and helps the body stabilise itself. It also helps reduce swelling and haematomas.