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    SKU: 2SSD/2SSI
    Stabilising orthesis to control the ankle, made up of two thermoplastic malleolar valves that are articulated with the sole support and inflatable malleolar linings for greater individualisation and stability. Includes 2 pads in the back of each strap area to prevent rubbing.

    Models available:
    2SSD: Right
    2SSI: Left

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    Aircast AirSelect Short


    The AirSelect Short boot is the new and improved offering from Aircast which is set to replace the best-selling SP Walker. With increased levels of support and protection for foot and ankle injuries the brace features customisable aircells to help create a closer more-tailored fit which has been proven to accelerate the healing process. Incorporating a number of unique changes, the AirSelect Short is now lighter with added comfort giving better treatment and enhanced protection. The Aircast is unparalleled in its delivery of top-quality care guaranteeing it will remain a firm and popular favourite with doctors, therapists and patients worldwide :
    For moderate level of support for forefoot and mid-foot injuries
    Mild to severe ankle sprains and soft-tissue injuries
    Metatarsal fracture, post-operative, bunionectomy
    Clinically proven to effectively heal fractures and manage swelling
    Pre-inflated front panel aircell with two customisable distal aircells for improved recovery
    The Short has a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing protection

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    Aircast XP Diabetic Walker


    A knee high pneumatic walking brace for a higher risk diabetic patient.
    It features an adjustable pneumatic cushioning system, plus a high rocker sole and dual density insole to reduce pressure on the diabetic foot

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    The Boxia drop foot ankle brace’s supramalleolar support stores a large amount of energy, similar to a pivot (support point), to enable it to transfer the necessary forces to lift a paralysed foot. In cases in which a patient shows intolerance due to excessive force, the Boxia calf support is recommended. It helps to stabilise the orthosis and restrict forces and stresses by transferring them from the ankle to the calf.

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    Gelex Achilles Heel Protection Sleeve

    The Gelex Achilles Heel Protector is a minimum bulk sleeve which has been specifically designed to ease heel pain by combining a protective tendon support and an active gel pad which can be worn during activity or as part of daily living. The elastic fabric provides a close compressive fit which will dissipate pressure away from the inflamed area while the functional cushion slowly releases a medical grade mineral oil which softens and moisturises the skin.

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  • AB12



    Anatomically designed to the shape of either the left or right foot, for supporting the arch area with padding. Reference AB12 contains only the lower part for the foot. You must therefore already have part Ref: AB01 (Boxia dropfoot support).

    Models available:
    AB12D: Right
    AB12I: Left

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    Lightweight and durable design, it acts from the proximal third of the leg to the foot with a piece over the back and mediolateral area which extends through the sole of the foot to a non-slip, low-profile rocker sole, making walking easier; in the anterior area, it incorporates another leg piece that extends to the back of the foot, strengthening immobilisation: Includes a wraparound pad for the leg, ankle and foot made from breathable material featuring an air bag (with inflation pump and regulator valve) that optimises the contact surface for greater containment effectiveness.
    Fastening straps to ensure a snug fit and full immobilisation. Comes with four protective pads (one of which is for the toes).

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    NEXSTEP Shortie Walker with Air

    A short walking brace for protected walking on foot and ankle injuries. Features inflatable air cells to reduce foot and ankle swelling.

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