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The AirSelect Short boot is the new and improved offering from Aircast which is set to replace the best-selling SP Walker. With increased levels of support and protection for foot and ankle injuries the brace features customisable aircells to help create a closer more-tailored fit which has been proven to accelerate the healing process. Incorporating a number of unique changes, the AirSelect Short is now lighter with added comfort giving better treatment and enhanced protection. The Aircast is unparalleled in its delivery of top-quality care guaranteeing it will remain a firm and popular favourite with doctors, therapists and patients worldwide :
For moderate level of support for forefoot and mid-foot injuries
Mild to severe ankle sprains and soft-tissue injuries
Metatarsal fracture, post-operative, bunionectomy
Clinically proven to effectively heal fractures and manage swelling
Pre-inflated front panel aircell with two customisable distal aircells for improved recovery
The Short has a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing protection

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Product Description

The Aircast AirSelect range represents a new generation of pneumatic walking boots, the most technologically advanced brace of its time. Following on from the hugely popular Aircast XP, FP and SP the AirSelect boot incorporates a variety of research upgrades to guarantee comfort and enhance treatment to help facilitate a return to full-fitness quicker than ever!

SoftStrike Technology
Strike zone designed to absorb and dissipate energy away from the heel
Additional mid-foot support to minimise hip differential and knee flexion movement
Skid-resistant low profile rocker sole to allow for normal gait with less forefoot angulation

Ultra-Light Technology
Moulded semi-rigid shell which can be trimmed for added comfort to create a tailored support
Open design frame for increased ventilation and maximum patient protection
Weighs less than 1kg

Duplex Technology
Multiple aircells are layered to create an intermittent massaging effect with each step to reduce swelling quicker
Quick and easy inflation technology allows for simple and effective adjustment

Which size do I need?

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Based on a Men’s UK shoe size.
X-Small : up to 3
Small : 3-6
Medium : 6-9
Large : 9-12


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