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Lightweight and durable design, it acts from the proximal third of the leg to the foot with a piece over the back and mediolateral area which extends through the sole of the foot to a non-slip, low-profile rocker sole, making walking easier; in the anterior area, it incorporates another leg piece that extends to the back of the foot, strengthening immobilisation: Includes a wraparound pad for the leg, ankle and foot made from breathable material featuring an air bag (with inflation pump and regulator valve) that optimises the contact surface for greater containment effectiveness.
Fastening straps to ensure a snug fit and full immobilisation. Comes with four protective pads (one of which is for the toes).


Product Description

Effects: Immobilisation and containment of the upper ankle joint including the foot and ankle. Decreased loading on the heel during the initial ground
contact phase.

Indications: Stable fractures of the lower third of the leg (distal fractures of the tibia or fibula), ankle and foot. Post-surgical treatment of Achilles tendon and ligament injuries (Grade II and III sprains). Severe plantar fasciitis. Oedema reduction. Other post-surgical care.


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