NEXSTEP Shortie Walker with Air

A short walking brace for protected walking on foot and ankle injuries. Features inflatable air cells to reduce foot and ankle swelling.


Product Description

When can I use it?

Following a foot injury or ankle injury, such as a sprained ankle, ankle fracture, broken Metatarsal, Fibula fracture, Lisfranc joint injury, Cuboid fracture and Talus fracture.

Which size do I need?

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Based on UK shoe size.
Men’s up to 5, Ladies’ up to 4.5
Men’s 5.5-9.5, Ladies’ 5-9
Men’s 10-14, Ladies’ 9.5-13

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

How does it work?

The lightweight plastic shell provides immobilisation and protection like a short plaster cast, but the NEXTEP Shortie Walker with Air is much more comfortable and convenient. Aircells inside the boot can be custom inflated using the integrated pump. This provides compression for the swollen ankle, which helps to reduce swelling and accelerate rehabilitation.

The NEXTEP Shortie Walker with Air can be taken off to allow the patient to bathe and undertake rehab exercises. This improves hygiene, helps prevent ankle stiffness and muscle wastage – further reducing injury healing time.

The NEXTEP Shortie Walker with Air can be used from the initial injury until you are ready to start walking normally. Once your doctor indicates that it is OK to resume partial weight bearing, then the NEXTEP Shortie Walker with Air allows safe walking while still providing protection and compression. By putting gentle compression on the injury the healing process is further accelerated.


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